Thinkpad Thunderbolt Dock

As already hinted in my last post, I switched from the kinda janky Digitus Type C Dock to a “proper” Thinkpad Thunderbolt Dock . The first thing I noticed is how incredibly cheap this dock feels. The Digitus Dock is made entirely of aluminium where as the Thinkpad Dock is made from a thin feeling plastic.

But since I mount the dock under my desk, I don’t really care about the feel of it. In the future I might open up the dock and screw the downside to the table, for improved mounting. Then the cheap plastic comes in rather handy.

About the functionality - After plugging the laptop in the correct port and authorizing the dock under linux it works flawlessly (… so far). One of the biggest gripes with my previous docking solution was having a singe DP - Port and a single HDMI - Port. For some reason these docks can’t use HDMI + DP to connect two different monitors. Luckily the Thinkpad Dock has 2 DP - Ports which means I can connect both my monitors via DP and they both work. Finally it’s truely a “one cable setup”.

My conclusion so far is that I really like the dock, both my monitors work perfectly and ethernet and charging worked right out of the box.