Yannick Lehnhausen / TIL LightDM can't start Wayland
Created 2019-07-08 Modifyd 2019-07-08

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Since switching to the T480s I had some scaling problems running Budgie. As it turns out, a lot of these problmes come from using X instead of wayland. I had never used wayland before but figured out, if Fedora and Ubuntu use it as their main display server, I should give it a try.

Apparently GNOME automatically installs with option to start the desktop environment with wayland instead of X but due to some bugs in LightDM I couldn’t select GNOME with Wayland as my DE. That’s why I switched to SDDM, the default desktop display manager of KDE.

A quick pacman -S sddm && systemctl disable lightdm && systemctl enable sddm later I got SDDM up and running and was in fact able to select GNOME with wayland. For some reason it didn’t play nice with my dual monitor setup at home and since I didn’t have any time at that moment I figured, I will use Budgie with X at home and GNOME with wayland on the go (or at least test that setup).