Yannick Lehnhausen / What I use from day to day
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Quick Overview

My work machine

My main machine is a T480s with an I7-8550u, 16GB Ram, a NVIDIA MX150 and 512GB of Nvme Storage, running Antergos. I tried most major linux distributions but settled for an Arch based distro because I really like the packet manager and the AUR. I never had any problems with breaking packages or an update destroying my installation (…so far). Due to the development stop for Antergos I am thinking about trying Fedora. As said by the Antergos team, it is not necessary to switch, you can just remove the Antergos repos from the repo-list but since I never tried Fedora, I am quite tempted.

I decided to go for Budgie as my desktop environment after trying Solus OS. I like the default look of Budgie, making the customization process very easy. Before that I used I3-Gaps but I don’t enjoy the workflow with multiple monitors in I3.

My Tools


My main editor for everything not Java-based is either Visual Studio Code or VIM, for anything Java-based I use IntelliJ. I really enjoy terminal based applications, thats why I often times favour VIM but sometimes the additional features of VS Code outweigh my love for VIM.


For my terminal I use termite. My favourite thing about this terminal emulator is the dotfile based configuration, making the synchronization on different devices easy. My shell of choice is ZSH with oh-my-zsh for easy customizability and tmux as my terminal-multiplexer for different tasks.


My favourite Mail Client at the moment is Mailspring. I really enjoy the overall look of this client and it has some nice features i.e. sending at a specific time and a 10 second delay before sending the mail. What I really dislike is the default signature “sent with mailspring” but that’s not a dealbreaker for me.

For music I use Spotify, I don’t think I need to get into detail why I like it.

I use Notion for any workflow/productivity/note-taking tasks. I like the possibilty to perfectly fit it for my different needs and the quick way to make layout/workflow changes. Sadly no offline linux client though… :(.