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Learning from the master Ansel Adams himself, keeping a notebook to record your metadata is a good way to improve your photography.

Ansel Adams Notebook
Ansel Adams notebook sheet

Shooting 4x5 Large Format is a completely different process compared to shooting 35mm and even Medium Format. Bellowmovements and the slow shutter speeds due to the narrow apeture give you so much more to work with and around. To get consistent in your large format photography, a log of your metadata can give you a nice baseline from which to go on at every shoot.

For in-the-field notetaking a regular notebook is often not the easiest way.

To improve my knowledge in writting iOS Apps with SwiftUI, I started developing an app called Digibook to quickly capture the metadata.

The app is currently work in progress when I have the time and motivation to work on it. For everyone interested, it is an open source project with the MIT license.